The titles at | July 2023 (I)

  • Countering and Addressing Online Hate Speech: A Guide for policy makers and practitioners (United Nations)
  • New UN policy paper launched to counter and address online hate (UN News)
  • Unveiling the European Landscape of Online Hate: Insights from two years of the European Observatory of Online Hate (EOOH)
  • Shouting into the Void (PEN America)
  • ZAC NRW: Bring hate and incitement to justice (Telekom)
  • Using influencers to combat cyberbullying (Tilburg University)
  • Online Hate And Harassment On The Rise—LGBTQ+ Community Among The Most Impacted (Forbes)
  • Conceptualising the tortuous harms of sexist and racist hate speech (Cambridge University Press)
  • Should Internet shutdowns be used to maintain public order? (Civils Daily, Australia)
  • Special Report on Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting on Attacks and Violence against Journalists (OSCE)
  • Be an eSafe kid: Take action against online bullying (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government)
  • Exploring Intensities of Hate Speech on Social Media: A Case Study on Explaining Multilingual Models with XAI (JKU Visual Data Science Lab)
  • Empirical Evaluation of Public Hate Speech Dataset (SSRN)
  • An Introduction to Detection of Hate Speech and Offensive Language in Slovak (IEEE)
  • Hate Speech Dynamics Against African descent, Roma and LGBTQI Communities in Portugal (ACL Anthology)
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Natural Language Inference for Hate Speech Detection in Languages with Limited Labeled Data (C[x])
  • PEACE: Cross-Platform Hate Speech Detection- A Causality-guided Framework (C[x])
  • Hate Speech Detection via Dual Contrastive Learning (arXiv)
  • The Art of Embedding Fusion: Optimizing Hate Speech Detection (arXiv)
  • Robust Hate Speech Detection in Social Media: A Cross-Dataset Empirical Evaluation (arXiv)
  • Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. July 2023 (I/II) (

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