New on |, 8 June 2024

  • 2024 Sahel Humanitarian Needs and Requirements Overview (OCHA)
  • Behind Morocco’s bid to unlock the Sahel (Atlantic Council)
  • UNICEF reports surge in violence against children in Africa’s central Sahel (UN News)
  • UNHCR urges global response to neglected humanitarian crisis in the Sahel (UNHCR)
  • Human smuggling and trafficking in North Africa and the Sahel (Global Initiative)
  • Almost 33 million people in the Sahel need lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection services (OCHA)
  • Stabilisation and the Central Sahel (Clingendael)
  • Once again, Burkina Faso is the world’s most neglected crisis (Norwegian Refugee Council)
  • Regional Stabilization Facility 2023 Factsheet (UNDP)
  • EUTF in Horn of Africa (European Union) |
Capacity Building in the North of Africa

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