Updates at Preventhate.org | Policyinstitute.net. December 2022 (I/I)

  • FRA Report on artificial intelligence and discrimination (The IOI)
  • HateCircle and Unsupervised Hate Speech Detection incorporating Emotion and Contextual Semantic (ACM Journals)
  • EU rights watchdog warns of bias in AI-based detection of crime, hate-speech (Reuters)
  • Addressing religious hate online: from taxonomy creation to automated detection (PeerJ)
  • Hate Speech and Counter Speech Detection: Conversational Context Does Matter (ACL Anthology)
  • New Human Rights Campaign Foundation Report: Online Hate & Real World Violence Are Inextricably Linked (Human Rights Campaign)
  • Hate Speech Dynamics Against African descent, Roma and LGBTQI Communities in Portugal (ACL Anthology)
  • 25+ Online hate crime statistics and facts (CompariTech)
  • Hate crime in digital environments (Brå, Sweden)


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