Updates at Preventhate.org | Policyinstitute.net. November 2022 (II/II)

  • EU Code of Conduct against online hate speech: latest evaluation shows slowdown in progress (European Commission)
  • The effect of content moderation on online and offline hate (VoxEU CEPR)
  • Hate speech regulation on social media: An intractable contemporary challenge (Research Outreach)
  • Using science and AI to track patterns of digital hate (Telekom)
  • Defining and identifying hate motives: bias indicators for the Australian context (CRIS)
  • Counter-terror strategy to be updated to tackle online hate (PublicTechnology)
  • 5 things to know about our report on online public discourse in the MENA region (Democracy Reporting International)
  • The psychology of hate: Moral concerns differentiate hate from dislike (European Journal of Social Psychology)
  • Free speech or Free Hate Speech? Analyzing the Proliferation of Hate Speech in Parler (ACL Anothology)
  • A systematic review of worldwide causal and correlational evidence on digital media and democracy (nature human behaviour)
  • Liberty and Hate Speech: Need to Legislate on Grey Areas (NewsClick)
  • Extreme Temperature Shifts Trigger an Increase in Hate Speech (Medscape)

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