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  • Effects of Land Cover Changes on Compound Extremes over West Africa Using the Regional Climate Model RegCM4 (MDPI)
  • Climate change, development, and conflict-fragility nexus in the Sahel (Brookings)
  • Assessing the Environmental Suitability for Transhumance in Support of Conflict Prevention in the Sahel (MDPI)
  • And Then Things Got Complicated: Addressing the Security-Climate-Migration Nexus in the Sahel (Nexus25)
  • Sahel Afforestation and Simulated Risks of Heatwaves and Flooding Versus Ecological Revegetation That Combines Planting and Succession (Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection)
  • What Future for the Western Sahel? The region’s demography and its implications by 2045 (Atlantic Council)
  • THE GREAT GREEN WALL. An overview and lessons learnt (Danish Institute for International Studies)

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