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– New EU strategic priorities for the Sahel. Addressing regional challenges through better governance (European Parliament)
– Climate change and resilience in the Central Sahel (cascades)
– Precarious Situation in the Sahel, Urgent Action Needed to Face the Lean Season (Action Against Hunger)
– Understanding Climate Change and Drought Perceptions, Impact and Responses in the Rural Savannah, West Africa (mdpi)
– Sahel: An Approach to Aid Adapted to Fragile Areas (Alliance Sahel)
– Talks with Sahel extremists: Taboo, or a path toward peace? (The Christian Science Monitor)
– Regional Protection Monitoring Report – Central Sahel (Project 21)
– Climate Change, Development and Security in the Central Sahel (cascades)
– Violent extremism in Africa: Citizen perspectives from the Sahel epicenter and periphery (AFR Barometer)
– Combatting Desertification and Drought Through Climate – Smart Villages in the Sahel (CGIAR, CGAFS)
– Stability, Sustainability and Success in the Sahel: The Next Steps for the Czech Engagement (IIR)
– The Sahel: A Neglected Crisis in Africa (American Security Project)
– Combatting desertification and drought through Climate-Smart Villages in the Sahel (PreventionWeb)
– Sahel 2021: Communal wars, broken ceasefires, and shifting frontlines (ACLED)

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