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The German party Die Linke (left-leaning) has recently welcomed the observation of the right-leaning AfD by the Office of Protection of the Constitution (BfV). But Die Linke wants to change the fact that the constitutional agency observes the party. Parts of Die Linke are considered extreme by the authorities.

For years, leading German leftists have called for the dissolution of the BfV. This certainly does not make sense, and it appears populist. In return for such a step, the police would have to be assigned more powers. But the police have the task of prosecution in preparation of possible judicial sanctions. Hence, a completely different function from that of the constitutional guards.

If one were to dissolve the BfV, such a step would devaluate the Basic Law. The Basic Law is the heart of the federal and, relatively, liberal German society. Should the political culture change, in future, every citizen would still retain the right to invoke the articles of the Basic Law, the content of which determines and restricts specific legislation. Giving this up would make no sense. If there were a vote on the Basic Law in Germany, it would probably gain an absolute majority, without any compromise.

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