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Dear Network,

I just completed the setup of, which is now an integral part of and fully replaces the website Think-Tank-Talk. You will, from this day, find the complete content, which used to be hosted on Think-Tank-Talk, on

It will, in the future, still be possible reach the new domain via:

The website is one of the projects of, the latter founded in 2017. It is our mission to deliver, via the project website, reliable and purposeful analyses. is enshrined amidst the fields of politics and economics.

As mentioned above, the website used to be named think-tank-talk. ‘talk,’ then, may simply have referred to the information offered, on the specific domain, but one may also have read ‘talk’ as ‘testis auctoritas loricandi cum consilium,’ which is a Latin expression signifying ‘observational instance giving advice.’

The meaning of the newly-adopted term ‘strategism,’ most notably, may simply refer to the theory of strategy. It can, however, also mean that a viable path is prepared in order to reach an overall goal.

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
6 January 2023

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