How to Access my Posts on P/CVE and Against Hate…

Dear Network,

Today, my profile reached 6,000 followers. Much reason to continue my work using LinkedIn.

Since mid-2017, I have shared thousands of posts containing links to free articles, other documents, as well as recordings against violent extremism and, for some time now, on countering online hate. My new connections, just as those who have been following me for a longer time, will be among those who see, in their feeds, my daily shares.

There are three ways to fetch the whole, or most, of my posts:
a. Visit my profile and consult the activity section.
b. Bookmark my activity list to reach it directly via the weblink
c. Visit the website with a bi-weekly ranking of the most popular among my posts.

I wish you much good use of the information provided by me through the LinkedIn platform!

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
15 October 2023

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