The titles at | July 2023 (II)

  • What Did You Learn To Hate? A Topic-Oriented Analysis of Generalization in Hate Speech Detection (ACL Anthology)
  • An In-depth Analysis of Implicit and Subtle Hate Speech Messages (ACL Anthology)
  • Multi-Modal Discussion Transformer: Integrating Text, Images and Graph Transformers to Detect Hate Speech on Social Media (arXiv)
  • Rule By Example: Harnessing Logical Rules for Explainable Hate Speech Detection (arXiv)
  • Consensus on community guidelines: an experimental study on the legitimacy of content removal in social media (Humanities and Social Sciences Communications)
  • Online games struggle to rein in hateful usernames, report finds (NBC News)
  • Validation of the multidimensional bystander responses to racist hate speech scale and its association with empathy and moral disengagement among adolescents (Aggressive Behavior) |

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