Digest of P/CVE LinkedIn Posts, April 2021 (II/II)

The 20 most-consulted LinkedIn posts on the topic of counter-extremism by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, second half of April. In descending order.
Since mid-2017, we have filed thousands of shares, comments, and reactions on LinkedIn. Almost all of them regard posts of articles and documents on soft counter-extremism. This is a current selection of our posts:

Applying Behavioural Science to Support the prevention of violent extremism: Experiences and Lessons Learned

Comparative Analysis of CVE Policies between Canada, US, UK, Sweden, and North Macedonia

Do Researchers Have an Obligation to Report Dangerous Actors?

EXTREMISM: Up to three years in prison for hate speech under reforms

Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume XV, Issue 2, Spring 2021

Deradicalization in Textbooks of Islamic Religious Education Material with Radicalism in Schools

Sean Li explains the moderation of audio content on a social network

IIITT@LT-EDI-EACL2021-Hope Speech Detection: There is always Hope in Transformers

International Panel on Exiting Violence. FINAL REPORT

After Christchurch: Hate, harm and the limits of censorship. Arguments for and against restricting freedom of expression
(Victoria University of Wellington)

Online Hate: Perpetrators Targets Amplifiers & Mitigators
(ADL Center for Technology and Society)

Bridging the Gap Between Counterterrorism Research and Practice Through Game-Based Learning

New posts on Sahel Center | Policyinstitute.net:

  • Mistrust and Imbalance: The Collapse of Intercommunal Relations and the Rise of Armed Community Mobilization on the Niger-Mali Border (Resolve Network)
  • Climate Change and Conflict in the Sahel (ClimateLinks/ USAID)
  • Sahel: Council approves conclusions on the EU’s integrated strategy in the region (Council of the EU)
  • The Sahel: Europe’s Forever War? (Centre for European Reform)
  • Countering Radicalization and Violent Extremism in the Regions of Sahel and Maghreb (UNICRI)


Efforts of EUropean Member States to Prevent Terrorists from Abusing Asylum Systems While Ensuring Compliance with International Refugee and Human Rights Law: Challenges, Recommendations and Good Practices:

Tech giants and cops at least agree thwarting terrorist or extremist activity is a joint effort

UIT-ISE-NLP at SemEval-2021 Task 5: Toxic Spans Detection with BiLSTM-CRF and Toxic Bert Comment Classification (arXiv)

Conspiracy theories and right-wing extremism – Insights and recommendations for P/CVE, 2021

After Christchurch: Hate, harm and the limits of censorship. Challenges in regulating online content
(Victoria University of Wellington)

Understanding online hate VSP Regulation and the broader context
(The Alan Touring Institute)

Is the antidote to bad speech more speech or more regulation?
(The Hill)

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