Why Artificial Intelligence Needs Limits | Brief

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the trend of the hour. It will have tangible and perceivable effects on the economy and on society, and will be revolutionary for a number of disciplines, especially computer science, engineering, and neuroscience.

In metascience, AI will most probably lead from a new foundational crisis towards a paradigm change opening up to a new formalism. However, there are certain risks involved, and academics will be confronted with new paradoxes of both theory and applied science.

For instance, the new formalism will likely come along with new types of semantics and, notably, present us with a derivative of the so-called halting problem, whereas programs will, or will not, continue running, their tasks having been accomplished. Will programs outdo themselves in negative ways, affecting us all?

We need firm boundary conditions, in both hardware and software, so that our traditional, anthropological concepts of liberty, majority and welfare, and the characteristics of our very humanism, will not ultimately be called into question.

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
February 2020

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