New posts at Sahel Center |, 2 June 2021

  • Unpacking the EU’s New Sahel Strategy (PEACELAB)
  • Time to Rethink Development Assistance in the Sahel (American Diplomacy)
  • Select Food System Transformations in the Sahel and West Africa. Implications for people and policies (OECD)
  • In Search of the Resilient Sahelian: Reflections on a Fashionable Notion (World Food Policy)
  • Soldiers alone will not help the Sahel (NIMD Netherlands Office)
  • Summary of Conclusions on the Food and Nutrition Crisis in the Sahel (RPCR)
  • ICCT’s Key Publications on Countering Violent Extremism in Mali (ICCT)
  • Women Preventing Violent Extremism (WPVE) in the Horn and Sahel (USIP)
  • Sahel and West Africa: Alarming Food and Nutritional Insecurity. An unprecedented level of food and nutritional insecurity (UNICEF)
  • Conflict, Coping and Covid: Changing human smuggling and trafficking dynamics in North Africa and the Sahel in 2019 and 2020 (GI-TOC)

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